Another question…

In class we have been talking about quality–no doubt a needed discussion as we enter the workforce.

Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Sigma, IHI, Baldridge. And the countless other programs/iterations/combinations/mash-ups in existence.

But any quality program discussion necessitates other conversations. Importantly: 1) implementation and 2) sustenance.

No doubt any health care worker has been through some sort of the “flavor of the month” experience except for maybe a select, chosen few.

Seth‘s post gives it straight, “I don’t want to use a tool unless I’m going to use it really well. Doing any of these things halfway is worse than not at all. People don’t want a mediocre interaction.”

Partially implemented and poorly sustained quality programs damage the patient interaction.

Why don’t we ask, “are we fully, top-priority-like, completely committed to this?” when it comes to implementation…er, real implementation?

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