Finals Week Reading…

The dutiful student in me forces the usual time spent blogging to be spent studying for a final exam.  In lieu of a full-fledged post, here are some links to explore…

The Atlantic has an article exploring the subprime mess and what it means to American suburbia, “A structural change is under way in the housing market—a major shift in the way many Americans want to live and work.”  After years of trying to get away from the shadows of the skyscrapers downtown and moving to the cookie-cutter neighborhoods of suburban living, Americans are moving back downtown.  What does this mean for hospitals—both downtown and the sprawl of medical services that occurred with the population as it moved outward?

I’m big on primary care and its role on helping us get out of the mess we are in (and the larger mess we’re going to be in in a few years).  The Healthcare Economist blog has a good post on a recent study on the effect of family physicians on health improvement, “When FP supply is instrumented by age-related capitation it has markedly larger and statistically significant effects. A 10 percent increase in FP supply increases the probability of reporting very good health by 6 percent.”


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