Surgeon Shortage Confusion

The Columbus Dispatch carries an AP story on a report about West Virginia University hospitals, “A severe shortage of heart surgeons forces West Virginia’s largest medical center to divert some 500 patients a year to Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio.”

A quick visit to their website reveals an interesting front page highlight—“The WVU Heart Institute — Excellence in Cardiovascular Care.”

That highlight links to this page with some intriguing verbiage:

The WVU Heart Institute has the doctors, technology, and facilities to make a rapid diagnosis and take, quick effective action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’ve refined our coordination and teamwork to a science.

To be fair, the AP story does have this bit from interim vice president Fred Butcher:

But Butcher says the report has errors. He also complains it’s based on interviews with 14 of nearly 360 faculty. He says another review is likely.

Interesting. Something (or lack of) is going on at WVU.

UPDATE: An article today in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette clears things up…a bit.  The hospital was not happy with the reporting effort of health adviser R&V Associates—so they fired the group.  But read the article, things are a bit tumultuous at West Virginia University’s Health Sciences Center.

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