Do you fear when you fly? There’s an app to help that.

Safety numbers need to increase in order to enable healthcare to do the same.  But a neat concept to address fear from Virgin.


Virgin rocks.

Virgin Atlantic has had an amazing 98% success rate in curing fear of flying though its Flying Without Fear classes. These are seminars held throughout the UK that provide flight knowledge through a Q&A session with Virgin Atlantic flight crews, followed by a psychology session to make attendees aware of what makes them afraid and provide techniques to combat the fear. At the end of the day, attendees are taken on a short flight to try out their new knowledge and prove to themselves that they can fly without becoming paralyzed with panic. To reach a much larger audience, Virgin Atlantic has just released the Flying Without Fear app [US$4.99, iTunes Link]. While the app doesn’t include a visit from a flight crew or a psychologist, it’s designed to make the techniques that have been so successful in Virgin Atlantic’s in-person classes available to owners of the iPhone and iPod touch.

Do you fear when you fly? There’s an app to help that.

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