Thomas Goetz makes a really good point at the end of this video (and throughout) and it is this: the innovation that will change how healthcare is delivered is coming from the outside. It’s coming from the internet types. It’s happening now.

That’s not to say that traditional providers aren’t innovating themselves. But I would argue that the majority of what we can term delivery innovation is happening as a result of the pressures from the outside. It’s a very reactionary state to be in; but it’s also what is comfortable. Providers have had the government and third-party payers making the rules that govern the game since the advent of the DRG.

It just doesn’t seem the right way to go about it, honestly. Can you imagine what would happen if a healthcare provider actually hired a hoard of internet architects and let them run free?

Goodness, I’m guessing.

video via Berci

Is there a way to accomplish what you want using existing standards and existing webs in a different context? Inventing a novel standard for an existing network is quixotic. But some of the greatest success stories in current times are about firms that master one network and then use its embedded standards to exploit an established network in need of improvement. This process is called “interfection.”

Kevin Kelly on, more or less, getting out of healthcare to solve problems.