Who are hospital ads really aimed at?

Marketplace asks an important question–one that’s difficult to answer. I feel that the majority of hospital advertising is ineffective and that much of the annual billion dollar + spend is wasted (mainly because they’re all the same; try hard to find ads that don’t focus on hospital reputation)–but I’d be willing to be proven wrong.

While improved reimbursement rates are good for hospitals, it is important to remember that those additional dollars rarely come from insurance company profits–they come from a patient’s increased premiums, co-pays, deductibles, etc.

Who are hospital ads really aimed at?

Devolution: a path to success for healthcare?

Kevin Kelly on today’s organization and its struggle with outmoded business models:

There is only one way out. The stuck organism must devolve. In order to go from a peak of local success to another higher peak, it must first go downhill. To do that it must reverse itself and for a while become less adapted, less fit, less optimal. It must do business less efficiently, with less perfection, relative to its current niche.

This is a problem. Organizations, like living beings, are hardwired to optimize what they know–to cultivate success, not to throw it away. Companies find devolving unthinkable and impossible. There is simply no allowance in the enterprise for letting go.