Breaking into medical devices

I disfavor the use of the term “hacking” when it comes to breaking into a computer(ish) device to do harm. But current events are causing me to lose that battle. And since when I say “hack” you know what I’m talking about, I paste this from Big Think:

The integration of technology into the human body has created opportunities for newer and more serious forms computer crime and hacking.  In the past, a hacker might have been able to illegally enter a  desktop computer system, read a targets personal data or even gain control of another person’s financial accounts.  In comparison to the potential threat from Internet-based medical devices, the threats from “old-school” hacking seem mild by comparison.

As information technology is increasingly integrated with the human body, what forms of next generation criminal activity will be possible?  An insulin pump connected to the Internet means a patients insulin levels might be tampered with to cause diabetic coma, shock and even death.  An extra and unnecessary jolt from a pacemaker could lead to cardiac arrest.

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