Mobile Health Diffusion: Help Organizations First

If you’re a developer (or not) and liked the Andreessen piece (or not) and are interested in healthcare, perhaps you could head over to the SXSW Panel Picker and vote for our talk here. The title is above and the description is below:

Understatement: healthcare services + mobile devices will dramatically change healthcare. But before widespread personal adoption occurs, organizations must first use mobile to solve existing problems.

While most mobile health efforts have focused on the small (but growing) set of the population engaged with their personal health, the opportunity to help organizations is larger, immediate, and will speed mobile health diffusion. Developers should focus on healthcare decision makers (physicians, largely) and those with delivery problems and resources to fix them (organizations). The best part of all this: once those two groups realize how mobile health can help them solve their problems, they’ll begin to see the opportunity in using the technology to help patients solve theirs.

Mobile health is an emerging clinical setting and this session will explore what that is, its relation to the others (inpatient, ambulatory), and the burgeoning opportunity to solve delivery problems.

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